Co-creators of
honest relationships


Welcome to Sanders\Wingo


We are a group of creative people, headquartered in El Paso and Austin, channeling our talents to make meaningful work. We are authentic, transparent and close-knit. We are inspired when we are making true connections — with each other, our clients and the people we are trying to reach with our messages.

We inhabit the cultural worlds of our audiences. We are an agency that was born and raised in diversity, and that makes all the difference. Our ability to see “other,” to have empathy for all, helps us create more purposeful communications.

(Mural above by Stephen Ingle and Creative Kids, funded by the El Paso Downtown Arts District.)


To build honest relationships
with your AUDIENCE ...


We’ll help you be more than a brand that sells the image of greatness. We’ll help you actually be a great brand.


We’ll help you commit to a belief that’s important to your brand and guide you on how to walk the talk.


We’ll help you put your audience before your brand because audiences make much better storytellers and evangelists than brands do.


Our Services



We’re a full service agency, but we don’t believe in adding to the clutter of advertising. Through consumer research and strategic planning, creative ideation and execution,
and media planning and placement, we’ll build the marketing journey that will authentically connect you to your audience.

Cultural Consulting

Empathy and authenticity are key to building honest relationships with audiences. We provide consultative support across all fronts and will help you build a foundation of understanding for your specified consumer segment so you’ll never seem out of touch with any portion of your audience.

Supplier Diversity

Our diversity is our strongpoint, and we excel at helping brands reach their own diversity goals by unpacking the core principles they have around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) and determining subsequent brand needs.