Generating Awareness With The Diversity Audience


Increase awareness of MINI among the African American, Hispanic and LGBT communities via the brand’s first national diversity campaign


Agency focused efforts around media placement, editorial coverage and custom content to achieve our awareness business objective


With limited MINI-specific audience insights and inability to customize creative, our media plan and custom content became critical to generating meaningful and relevant awareness among diversity audience.
Media partners were selected per target segment. Unlike the general market media, which had sustaining efforts and heavy pushes, the diversity effort consisted of three bursts of activity: 1) Launch of the New Hardtop 2) October sales event 3) Countryman’s top safety award.
Custom editorial pieces were published both online and in print. These feature pieces gave a new MINI audience a peek at the New Hardtop, unique culture, and Countryman’s 4 th consecutive year to win the IIHS top safety rating.


Campaigns for each of the three target markets over-performed by 200%, achieving twice the standard automotive CTR*. Diversity vehicle registrations increased from 2012 through July, 2014 significantly over general market, with an increase of nearly 40% in the AA space and 25% with Hispanics**. Cost per registration, based on annualized marketing spend, was 24 times more expensive for general market than diversity.
*CTR Average Based on DoubleClick Click Through Rate for Rich Media
**Data based on Polk MINI Loyalty Data YTD July 2014, LGBT registrations not measured

MINI Takes The States Campaign