• Agency deliverables included web content to model proper trail behavior and introduce the new social norms.

People are social and they look to those around them to find out the social norms and build mental models of a situation or a new environment. When these normative behaviors are understood, people will act accordingly to avoid standing out in a negative way.

Carter Pagel

Creative Director

Behavioral engineering designs included testing message tonality, compliance through interactivity and modeling proper behavior.

  • Strategists also experimented with altering trail goers’ mental models of normative behavior. The agency placed runners wearing rules on their shirts. They were instructed to model that rule. For example, announcing intent to pass “On your left!”

  • Living signage can help create mental models of how the trail should be used and foster the norms of the trail designed to keep everyone safe.


The 34th Judicial District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Program